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You will probably experience serious side effects, considering that would be putting female-hormone-inducing pills in your body. Dont do it!

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Q: What are the effects of snorting a birth control pill and you are a guy?
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What are common side effects of the birth control pill?

Like any other medication, the birth control pill has side effects to be aware of. Some common side effects are headache, breakthrough bleeding, mood swings and decreased libido.

What are the effects of switching from the birth control patch to the pill?

You're not likely to see a change in side effects when changing from the patch to the pill. You will have to be more diligent about timing, since you're moving from once-a-week birth control to daily.

Does propranolol affect the birth control pill?

There are no known side effects between propranolol and the birth control pill. However, if you're taking this pill for blood pressure control or heart problems, contact your health care providers to be sure you don't need a change in birth control method.

Why wouldn't the dose of the birth control pill be high enough?

Because a high dosed pill can lead to side effects

Does Sudafed affect the birth control pill?

No. If you are taking birth control pills neither of those will effect the pill. I took all three together for years and never had my pills fail. The only drug that effects the effectiveness of your pill is an antibiotic .It does lessen the pill.

Is solpadeine a birth control pill?

Solpadeine is a painkiller, not a birth control pill.

Is krimson 35 a birth control pill?

yes..its a birth control pill.

Is krimson35 a birth control pill?

Yes, Krimson 35 if a birth control pill

When do you ovulate if you're on the birth control pill?

Normally a woman does not ovulate while taking the birth control pill. This is the birth control pill's primary method of action.

Can birth control pills cause nausea dizzy spells and fatigue?

Yes, hormonal birth control has a major effect on the body as a whole so birth control pills can cause a wide range of symptoms - including nausea, fatigue, and dizzy spells. If you suspect your pill is causing these side-effects stop using the pill and talk to your doctor about finding another brand of pill, type of pill, or another birth control method.

Is minigynon 30 a birth control pill?

Yes, minigynon 30 is a birth control pill.

Does Hydrocortisone affect the birth control pill?

Nasacort and other inhaled steroids do not affect the birth control pill