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Q: What are the effects of acid rain on human health?
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What are some of the direct effects of acid rain on humans?

There are no direct effects of acid rain on human health. However, the pollutants that are sources of acid rain, such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, can often irritate and even damage the body's lungs.

How does acid rain affect the human health?

Acid rain can damage skin of a person.

How can acid rain affect people?

Acid rain has harmful effects on plants, aquatic animals and infrastructure through the process of wet deposition. It also has adverse impacts on forests, freshwater and soil. Acid rain has killed insects and aquatic life forms. The damage to buildings has caused impacts on human health and how they react to other diseases in their bodies.

Can acid rain harm an animals health?

Can acid rain harm you

What are the visible effects of acid rain?

acid rain Will where bricks stones etc

What are drastic effects caused by acid rain on human population?

it kills plants and weakens the walls and roofs of houses

What effects doe acid rain have on people?

it kills crops and plants that effect human eating

Why is ozone depletion and acide rain a concern?

Ozone depletion and acid rain are big concerns. They cause various ill effects on human population.

How has acid rain affected the United states?

Acid rain effects lakes and rivers, oceans and seas, and land. Acid rain also effects people

How does rain effect human health?

it effects humans health by the wetness or the way it forms and all the presipation can increase a humans heart beat!

What are the ill effects of acid rain to biotic and abiotic components of the earth?

Acid rain causes many ill effects of acid rain to biotic and abiotic components of the earth. Acid rain erodes abiotic components and can kill or mutate biotic components.

The effects of acid rain?

Acid rain can damage the environment and poison plants and animals. Acid rain can be any where from mild to very high in toxicity