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"amphetamines" belong to a class of medications called psycho-stimulant 's

they work by interfering with the transmission and Re uptake of a neurotransmitter called "dopamine" A chemical messenger for your brains central reward system, this messenger carries electrical signals through the brain that are responsible for Attention, Reward, learning. Amphetamine salts clog up the cells that recycle dopamine, and send it back into the synapse transmitting the same signal once again, and this continues, amphetamine also some how are able to replace the stored dopamine in your "transmitters" and force more of it out, leaving more dopamine available to carry electric signals in the brain, which is why its street name is "speed" if there are 6x more messenger's ready to carry any signal your brain or body sends, this will greatly speed your nero activity.

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Q: What are the effect of amphetamines to the brain?
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How is the use of amphetamines different from the use of inhalants?

Inhalants can cause immediate brain damage while amphetamines do not.

What are the effect of ampethamine on your brain?

Amphetamines can effect the brain in many ways. The one time use effects may not be permanent, but chronic use effects can be very dangerous and permanent. If one was to use this drug on a long term, they could develop acne, dry and/or itchy skin, and psychotic episodes.

What chemicals do amphetamines cause your brain to release?

Amphetamine is 1-phenylpropan-2-amine. Amphetamines are drugs that increase levels of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine in the brain. They are commonly used as stimulants and appetite suppressants.

Do any cholesterol lowering drugs contain amphetamines?

No, there is no FDA approved drug for "cholesterol lowering" that contains amphetamines. It has no effect on cholesterol.

What part of the body does amphetamines affect?

the brain. it leaves a person feeling like there good enough, handsome enough, samrt enough

What has the author Scott E Lukas written?

Scott E. Lukas has written: 'Amphetamines' -- subject(s): Amphetamine, Amphetamine abuse, Amphetamines, Drug abuse, Drugs, Juvenile literature, Physiological effect, Toxicology 'Amphetamines (Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs)' 'Amphetamines Danger in Fa'

How does pork effect the brain?

Any effect of pork on the brain.

Does Abilify Lamictal or Celexa have amphetamines in their ingredients? have amphetamines in their ingredients?"

Does a roller coaster have a negative or positive effect on the brain?

Negative effect on the brain.

How do amphetamines work inside of the brain?

When amphetamines are activated they release something called norepinephrine. It also speeds up the heart and the metabolic process. The metabolic process transforms food to things the body can use.

What does brain cancer effect in the body?

the brain

Can water effect youre brain?

water can effect your brain by thinking because the brain needs plenty of water to think.