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If you are looking for a serious relationship, then the biggest disadvantage of infatuation is that it is just lust. There's nothing serious about infatuation. It's just a physical attraction.

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May be ending up getting hurt in the end. Or when you find another guy and think you love him instead of the other guy you trully love.

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Q: What are the disadvantages of infatuation?
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Yes, infatuation is a singular, common, abstract noun, a word for an emotion.

How can you use infatuation in a sentence?

(infatuation means deep fascination or obsession with a person, thing, or activity)example:"The way he stared so longingly at her only proved his INFATUATION.""The writer's infatuation with obscure foreign phrases makes his work hard to read."

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How do you use infatuation in a sentence?

"Most readers of Romeo and Juliet agree that the title characters were experiencing an infatuation, not love.""His infatuation with donuts made him gain a lot of weight."

How does one know if the feeling he experience is love of infatuation?

Infatuation is the starting point of love, Love is something that is on the extreme,that you can't bear the absence of that person or thing But in infatuation you bear the absence