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They make your tea taste bad

The thin plastic cups split easily and spill your tea

The reusable (thick plastic) ones get stained and dirty looking even after washing

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Q: What are the disadvantages of drinking tea in plastic cups?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea?

drinking tea results in causing moles on your skin

Is drinking 3 cups of fennel tea healthy?

nope,no sir

What is the average size of a teacup?

* The average size of a tea cup is 250 mls * I think that that size is debatable when drinking mint tea it is important to have a cup like a small bowl but with a handle. The French will use similar cups for when they drink coffee or they will just use a bowl. This is so they can dunk a croissant in it. When drinking tea, such as at a tea party, the tea cups are very small so you end up drinking lots of cups without realising; remember to have that sort of tea out of a teapot, pour the milk in first (only at a tea party) and use a saucer. The English (like me) are very good at tea drinking. I drink at least 3 cups a day (250ml cups) and have a tea party every birthday. I'm 14 years old.

Can hives be caused by drinking cups of tea?

Hives are an allergic reaction which shows up on the skin, so if the person drinking tea is allergic to some component of the tea, then yes, they can get hives.

What are two uses of stainless steel?

plastic cups and tea towels.

When were tea cups invented?

The first tea cups were specifically made for drinking the new beverage tea seen in Europe were exported from the Japanese port Imari.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of kettle?

the advantages are: they make nice cups of tea and coffee and hot chocolate. the disadvantages are: they can burn your hand

Can you lose some weights by drinking 8 cups of green tea daily?

no,you can't

What type of tea did Greg drink in three cups of tea?

Greg Mortenson drinks butter tea. It's a delicacy in the Pakistani culture. However the title does not refer to Greg drinking tea. Three Cups of Tea is a song his daughter wrote and sang.

What are the disadvantages of drinking green tea?

Green tea is generally safe for everyone, but some disadvantages are that it can cause constipation and an upset stomach in some people. In very rare cases, green tea can cause liver issues.

Is there any side effects in the future by drinking 3 cups of Lipton green tea per day?

Yes. You will urinate more.

By drinking four cups of green tea a day without excersise can you lose weight?

OK, What else are you eating and how much> A diet of green tea and Double Mac's with fries will not cut it!