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You don't actually nurse, you are really a social support, dealing with abuse problems, sexual health, and preganancy concerns. the money is poor, only pick a job you can set up a private practice later in your career, ie physio, dr, dietician. 45 years of nursing will make you die the day you retire.

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Q: What are the disadvantages of being a school nurse?
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none Thanks for nothing :/

When you Graduate, Can you go to school for being a nurse Practitioner?

yes...why not?

What are the disadvantages to being a neonatal nurse?

Personally; Being a Nurse In This Field Of Medical Profession Would Be Fantastic; Not Many Disadvantages; Crying alot - Which Was Mentioned; But That's Part Of The Job. Being An Assistant In A Surgical Operating Theatre; Performing Somthing You Might Not Approve Of; Abortion. And Ofcorse; Death. :(

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The exposure to sickness or disease

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Some advantages to using a nurse midwife are being at home and relaxed and allowing the family to be involved. Of course the major disadvantage, would be a problem that would arise and couldn't really be managed by the nurse midwife.

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NASN School Nurse was created in 2001.

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The sciences are critical to include biology, and chemistry.

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Speak anonymously to your school counselor or nurse. They will know what to do, and can keep you out of it.

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