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interspecific relationship is when two or more different species interact with each other. while intraspecific is the interaction between the same kind of species. :)

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Q: What are the difference between interspecific relationship and intraspecific relationship?
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What is interspecific and intraspecific cooperation?

Interspecific cooperation refers to help or assistance of individuals belonging to different species (a case of this is mutualism), whereas intraspecific cooperation is observed between individuals within the same species

What is competition between species called?

Interspecific competition.

What are the two types of competition?

The two types of competition are intraspecific competition and interspecific competition. Interspecific takes place between two different species while intraspecific happens between the same species.

Differentiate between interspecific competition and intraspecific competition.?

Interspecific competition is the competition between two or more species of different organisms competing for the same resources. Intraspecific competition is the competition between two or more of the same species fighting for the same resources.

What is is the difference between interspecific competition and intraspecific competition?

Interspecific : Interspecific competition, in ecology, is a form of competition in which individuals of different species vie for the same resource in an ecosystem (e.g. food or living space). The other form of competition is intraspecific competition, which involves organisms of the same species.Intraspecific : Intraspecific competition is a particular form of competition in which members of the same species vie for the same resource in an ecosystem (e.g. food, light, nutrients, space). This can be contrasted with Interspecific competition, in which different species compete.Source(s):Google Definitions

What are Interspecific relationships?

In reference to Biology, interspecific relationships are relationships between species. Intraspecific relationships are relationships between one species, just as an added tidbit of info.

What is interspecific relationship and its examples?

Intraspecific relationships occur within species and are driven by competition for the same resources. Intraspecific relationship can be divided into 2 categories cooperative and agonistic relationships. cooperative interaction is when social animals regularly interact with many members of the same species although costs are present there is an overall benefit by living in groups such as mates being readily available and protection by safety in numbers examples of this can be seen amongst any social animals such as lions

What is the relationship like between Christina Aguilara and Tony Lucca?


Which Type of competition would be observed between organisms within the P caudatum culture A Interspecific B Intraspecific C There would be no competition they are of the same species?

It would be intraspecific competition if this paramecium were alone in the culture; competing for limited resources. Interspecific if some other species were in the culture. Answer C is totally out, as competition and cooperation are not dichotomies, but exist in real situations same species or not.

What is intraspecific association?

Intraspecific association is a relationship between members of the same species. When resources are limited, the members will fight each other for control.

What is intra competition?

Did you mean intraspecific competition? If that is the case, it is competition within a species. This is contrary to interspecific competition which is competition between different species. Hope that helps. answ2 The prefix Inter means 'between', the prefix Intra means 'within'.

What is the term used to describe when animals have need for the same resources?

CompetitionCompetition among members of the same species is known as intraspecific competition, while competition between individuals of different species is known as interspecific competition.