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you can really seriously damage one of your nerves. so seriously, go get it checked out. go the physical therapist rather than the doctor, cos PTs are cooler :)

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Q: What are the dangers of untreated shoulder dislocation?
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A shoulder dislocation involves the shoulder socket and the?

Cheaters the answer is deltiod....

When refering to the body what is dislocation?

Dislocation usually means that a joint has popped out of place. For example, a dislocated shoulder means the ball of your shoulder has come out of the socket

What causes crackling shoulder sound?

Shoulder bone dislocation or abnormal grown of shoulder bone. Check it with docs

When can you do sports after a shoulder dislocation if the dislocation doesn't hurt even after a couple of days With the shoulder relocating itself?

depends on what kind of sports. be careful in the next 1-3 months

What injury occurs when the head of the humerus moves into the axilla?

shoulder dislocationshoulder dislocation

Cpt code for shoulder dislocation treated with manual manipulation?


Which direction does the shoulder usually dislocate?

The most common dislocation is anterior displacement of the humerous. The least common is inferior (downward) displacement.

What has the author Charles S Neer written?

Charles S. Neer has written: 'Shoulder reconstruction' -- subject(s): Injuries, Patients, Rehabilitation, Shoulder, Shoulder Dislocation, Shoulder Fractures, Surgery

What is a fracture dislocation?

Normally your bones are kept together at the ends by muscles and joints. If you get injured you might dislocate a shoulder, meaning that your two bones meeting at a joint get slightly separated. As a result your shoulder looks crazy, it hurts and you can barely move it.A dislocation is when a joint comes out of the space that is is supposed to occupy, like a dislocated shoulder or hip.

Is the labrum part of the shoulder jount?

Yes it is, its the lining of the joint that helps keep the shoulder in place, when its torn it always for easy movement and dislocation

What muscles would prevent dislocation of the shoulder when a heavy weight such as a suitcase is carried?

Then Penishyoidscrotal muscle

After shoulder dislocation what is better heat or cold?

Immediately after - cold; When injury subsides - heat for healing.