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Q: What are the dangers of pantene?
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When was Pantene created?

Pantene was created in 1947.

Is Pantene pro v a pH shampoo?

pantene pro

What are the disadvantages of Pantene shampoo?

There does not seem to be any disadvantages in using Pantene shampoo. The Pantene brand is one of the best in the industry.

What kind of coupons for Pantene products are available?

Some common coupons that are usually available from Pantene to use on their products include $3 off any 3 Pantene products, 2$ Pantene Texurize, and $2 off Pantene Pro V.

What does pantene offer you?

pantene offers you shiny, smooth and full hair

What is the pH of Pantene pro v shampoo?

Ph del pantene

Whatshampoo will make your hair feel softer Pantene Jonhsons or Dove?


Can Pantene shampoo help thick curly hair?

Yep. Pantene is a good brand :)

What is the name of the Pantene product that promises beach curls?

Isn't it Pantene Pro-V Curl?

Is Pantene shampoo is the worst?

Pantene is the worst,models and stylists say -It's VERY bad!

Who sings the song on the Pantene ad?

For the pantene shine commercial the singer's name is Natasha Bedingfield. The song is Unwritten Lyrics. No its not your talking about the Canadian pantene pro v nature fusions, ice shine and Canadian hair care song its created by pantene just for those commercials

Is shampoo good?