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u will die

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Q: What are the dangers from inhaling floor refinishing epoxy fumes?
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What is hardwood floor refinishing?

I want to do something different to my wooden floors. What does hardwood floor refinishing look like?

Where can someone go to learn more about epoxy coatings?

Epoxy flooring BathRenoGurus: A full service bathroom refinishing company specializing in refinishing of all shapes and sizes, a 24 hours refinishing solution. offering only the highest quality materials installation, expertise and service. Professionally installed without damage to existing bathtub, Chip and Crack Repair, We also offer full bathroom renovations including wall, floor Tiles, shower doors installations. Website: Toronto 416 900 5828

Do know someone who does hardwood floor refinishing?

Our hardwood floors need refinishing. Do you know someone who can do this?

Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Epoxy floor coating systems are made up of two distinct elements: an epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener.

Install Epoxy Flooring ?

Epoxy floor coating can provide excellent looks to the floors. It can be a great option to consider if you want your floors to keep safe from damage, stains and scratches as well. The cost of epoxy can vary from from range to range higher and lower. It can be installed easily than a tile. There are few limitations as well, the floor might get more slippery, it can be really difficult to remove the epoxy flooring, it can be difficult to install without an exact professional. Visit uk/ for the best laminate flooring now. floor-land. co. uk/collections/under-floor-heating

What is a good site to purchase epoxy floor coatings from?

There are many good sites to purchase epoxy floor coatings from. Some examples of these websites that sell epoxy floor coatings include SwissTrax and Concrete Network.

How can you make epoxy self leveling?

Self leveling epoxy is a type of floor coating. Place the the flooring fluid across the floor. Allow the epoxy flooring to sit and dry. Gravity will cause the floor to self-level.

What are the benefits of epoxy garage floor and who installs them?

An epoxy garage floor means your floor will last a much more sustained time than a normal cement floor. Lastly, in the long term having an epoxy garage floor will save you more money. A local contractor would be more than willing to install it for you.

Floor Refinishing?

form_title= Floor Refinishing form_header= Add a crisp look to your floors. What material is the floor?*= _ [50] How many floors need refinished?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5} How old are the floors?*= _ [50]

Why should I use an Epoxy floor coating?

Epoxy floor coating is thicker than other coatings and more durable. It's chemical resistant, resistant to scratches, and resists fading. The following is a good site to read about epoxy coating:

What is the safest way of removing finish when floor refinishing to protect the floor?

A sanding machine will give your floors a more even look prior to refinishing. Sanding by hand will take a very long time. You can always rent a sander.

What kind of soap will clean a epoxy floor?

The nice thing about an Epoxy floor is it is very tough. So virtually any houshold floor cleaner. Most degreasers and car wash soaps will do a good job as well.