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Nice, kind, admiration from all, always dar 4 u sometimes even quite horny. 1 cool fact is dat the most lovable men usually don care if dar wife is fatt day have sex up to 8 times a week with dar wife

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The characteristics of a good person include being honest and caring. A good person will also be kind and have a sense of humor.

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Q: What are the characteristics of lovable person?
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What is the basic definition of lovable?

Lovable means that someone, some animal or something has a characteristic that attracts love or affection. As every person is unique, the characteristics will vary from one to another. What is lovable to one, could be the opposite for someone else.

How can you be the most lovable person on earth?

You can be the most lovable person on Earth, if you do what most people like, for example, being a celebrity.

If you would be loved love and be lovable what does this mean?

if you want to be loved you have to give love and be a lovable person.

Is Justin a hatable person?

no not at all he is a very lovable person

Is Justin Bieber a lovable person?

Justin bieber is a lovable person because he is so sweet and never wants to hurt people and really cares about people even those who call him a girl and gay so the answer to that question is yes he is definitely a lovable person

If a person is attentive or they lovable also?

if your boy friend askes for space does that mean that he's attentive? are does it mean that he's not lovable?

What are the behavioral characteristics of terriers?

Independent, fun-loving, loud, tenacious, playful, funny, happy, lovable

What does jenice mean?

it means lovable caring pretty person

What is meaning of habib in Islamic history?

Lovable or lovely person

Is Nat Wolff a lovable person?

yes he is. He is very sweet and romantic

How do you react when a disaster occur when we are in our school?

we will think to see our lovable person

What is the meaning of Shaniya?

Shaniya Means A Beautiful , Sexy , And Lovable Person To Be With