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There are many characteristics of a socially healthy person. These include being able to relate to a wide range of people, and being friendly and open to conversation.

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A socially healthy person gets along with others and has friends.

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Q: What are the characteristics of a socially healthy person?
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What combinations of characteristics describes a socially competent person in your society?


What are the signs of a socially healthy person?

Signs of a socially healthy person include having strong and positive relationships with others, being able to communicate effectively, showing empathy and understanding towards others, and demonstrating good social skills in various social settings.

What are Two characteristics of a person is mentally healthy?

Happy, strong

Needs to be emotionally mentally and socially healthy?

In order to be emotionally, mentally, and socially healthy, it is important to prioritize self-care, maintain positive relationships, seek support when needed, engage in activities that bring joy and fulfillment, and practice mindfulness techniques such as meditation or deep breathing. It is also important to set boundaries, communicate effectively, and take time for rest and relaxation to help maintain overall well-being.

Does a socially healthy person has access to clean water and adequate living space and makes an effort to recycle?

Most socially healthy people do have access to clean water and adequate living space. Most also make an effort to recycle on a weekly basis.

Characteristics of healthy person?

active,healthy(do not have any serious disease. e.g : cancer,etc) peaceful and moodyless

What does it mean to be socially healthy?

It means that you can have a good social ability. You are good talking in front a large grope of people with out getting nervous. I'm not that socially healthy.To get along well with othersBeing a socially healthy person means that you interact with others well, with confidence. Try visiting for more answers and interesting stories.To interact with people in a positive and healthy way.Socially healthy is socialization is term used by anthropologist.A socially healthy person denotes an individual who has an active and stable social lifestyle with others, which suggests that the individual has mental stability and health.

How do you keep socially healthy?

talk to friends

Do you not have to have friends to be socially healthy?

you need friends

What are characteristics of a behavioral healthy person?

A positive attitude and getting along with others in harmony. :)

What is characteristics of supw?

socially useful productive work

What do you mean by Socially fit?

Being socially fit means having strong social skills, good communication abilities, and the ability to build and maintain healthy relationships with others. It involves being able to navigate social interactions effectively and feeling comfortable in various social situations.