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a child that has medical issues

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Q: What are the characteristics of a medically fragile child?
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When was Dream House For Medically Fragile Children created?

Dream House For Medically Fragile Children was created in 2001.

If a minor becomes pregnant is she emancipated?

Only medically regarding herself and the child.

Is a fetus a child?

Answer: Not medically as long as it's not viable. After that it has rights as you and me. Then people have their own opinions based on their feelings.Answer: Since some believe life starts at conception, they do, in fact, consider a fetus an "unborn child", regardless of what a fetus is considered medically.

How does granting wishes help a child in medical need?

it doesnt help them medically it helps them emotionally.

Is an IQ score of 108 good for an 8 year old boy?

A score of 108 is considered to fall within the average range for IQ tests. It indicates that the 8-year-old boy's cognitive abilities are on par with his peers. IQ scores are just one measure of intelligence and may not fully capture a child's abilities or potential.

What is the horror film about the nurse who keeps harming a child to stop himher from leaving?

Possibly "Fragile"

Are hardwood floors hazards to children?

I think it depends on exactly how fragile, clumsy, or weak that child is.

What are the characteristics of david in a child called it?


How do you spell surgeries and medically?

The correct spelling for surgeries is "surgeries." For medically, the correct spelling is "medically."

Is there any way to medically help bipolar children?

If a child is diagnosed as bipolar it is believed that a combination of the correct medication, along with psychosocial therapy including the child and the family can help to alleviate the symptoms.

What chance is having CS child if AC and AS genotype man and woman marry themselves?

willies that are 2 inches are medically health hazards

How is francium used medically?

Francium is not used medically.