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Pluralistic is the system employed by the USA, its very simple really. Similar to Emergent health care its considered a consumer product and is really there to make money. This means that a client is nearly always paying for it, whether directly or through insurance (sure the insurance will eventually catch up with the costs!) the big difference between pluralistic and emergent is that pluralistic is also partly owned by the state/government whereas emergent is wholly privately owned, but make no mistake, this doesnt mean that people get free health care such as in Britain, it just means that the money to pay for the healthcare goes to the government. Although there are some current methods to provide health care in the us for those most in need such as 'obama care', although this free health care is famously hard to access and you need to prove your 'poor' enough to qualify for it. Basically the characterstics are:

-Considered personal consumption

-Privately and publicly owned facilities

-set up to make money

-minimal state role

-Physicians operate solo (although are often part of an organisation, but you get to chose who you want tending you, customer choice)

-used in the USA

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Q: What are the characteristics of a Pluralistic health system?
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