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Improper garbage disposal can cause harmful effects on animal life. Improper garbage disposal can also cause air pollution and pollution of soil.

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Q: What are the causes of improper garbage disposal?
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How Garbage affects plants?

The effects of improper garbage disposal are that the garbage breaks down and into the soil. It causes contamination that can reach plants.

Effects of improper disposal of garbage?

The main effect of improper garbage disposal is that it will cause pollution. This will in turn affect the environment in a severe manner.

Improper garbage disposal?

Improper garbage disposal can be hazardous to the environment and peoples health. Local garbage carriers or landfills have certain days a year when they accept other forms of trash as in oil or batteries.

Is proper garbage disposal is important?

Proper garbage disposal is important so as to prevent pollution of land and air. Improper garbage disposal releases foul smell causing air pollution

What are the major environmental issues in the Philippines?

improper disposal of garbage and the lack of implementation of garbage disposal laws and the "kapabayaan" of the people themselves who throw garbage anywhere. yet the Philippines is still bless with plenty of resources

What is the cause of improper disposal and uncollected garbage?

In my area the cause is usually the garbage guys going on strike for one reason or another.

How improper trash or garbage affect flood?

If you are asking the effects of improper trash disposal at the time of the flood, then Contamination of the water supply is the effect.

What is disposal garbage causes?

it can cause a polution in our area.And it can affect the health of people.

Garbage Disposal Repair Houston?

Garbage Disposal Repair Houston

Causes of poor garbage disposal?

it cause global waning and affect the health of the world population

When was Garbage disposal unit created?

Garbage disposal unit was created in 1927.

When was the garbage disposal invented?

John W. Hammes invented the garbage disposal in 1927.