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The causes of eating mud is you will be very poorely!

Mud carries a disease, and dogs or other animals could of done their dropping or wee on it and if you eat it basically you will get very ill,

i ain't being funny but who would eat mud anyway, okayy babies? but their only children they;ve just been brought into this world,!

Anyy more questions msg me on!

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Q: What are the causes of eating the mud?
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What causes people to vomit mud?

When you swallow a lot of mud

What causes mudcracks?

Mud cracks form when wet mud dries. As mud dries, it shrinks and cracks start to form.

What causes bubbling mud pots?

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What does Mud Fever cause?

Mud FeverOn a horse, it causes painful sores and scabs on its legs.

How big do mud daubers get?

Mud daubers live for a total of one year. Mud daubers are slender wasps that are known for eating black widow spiders.

What if your dog eats mud?

use hypnotism to hypnotize it onto think mud is good for them then make them not be hypnotized when the mud is in their mouth then they will not like mud anymore and that is how you stop your dog from eating mud

An animal which is thought to be playing and eating in the 'mud'?

Sounds like a pig.

How do plants produces their own food?

By eating the mud

Which factor causes a mud slide?

the amount of rain in an area

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Enormous amount of stress causes your eating habits to change.

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When is a landslide called a mudflow?

A landslide is called a mud flow when it is raining when it happens which causes the dirt to turn to mud, or when a landslide happens at a muddy area so instead of dirt, its mostly mud.