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There are many advantages if one is ambidextrous. If you were unfortunate enough to injure one of your hands, you could use the other one to write, for example.

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Q: What are the benefits of being ambidextrous?
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What is the word for a person who can write perfectly with both hands?

AMBIDEXTROUS That is the gift of being "ambidextrous". it's how they were born if you learn to write with the left hand it good to but the right hand is better Or both handed person.

How can you include ambidextrous in a sentence?

I am ambidextrous. You are ambidextrous. He is ambidextrous. She is ambidextrous. We are ambidextrous. They are ambidextrous.

What is the difference between being ambilevous and being ambidextrous?

An ambidextrous person is proficient with either hand. An ambilevous person is incompetent with either hand.

How do you spell ambidexterous?

That is the correct spelling of "ambidexterity" (being ambidextrous, able to write or otherwise use either hand).

What is it called when you can use both hands?

you are ambidextrous when you can write with both of your hands

A synonym and antonym 'ambidextrous?

a synonym and antonym 'ambidextrous

What suffix is for ambidextrous?

Ambidextrous does not have a suffix though it does have a prefix.

Is mahatama gandhi ambidextrous?

ya...........he is................

When was The Ambidextrous Universe created?

The Ambidextrous Universe was created in 1964.

What is the ISBN of The Ambidextrous Universe?

The ISBN of The Ambidextrous Universe is 0486442446.

When was Ambidextrous - novel - created?

Ambidextrous - novel - was created in 1985.

What is a word for able to use either hand?