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what are the ailments of the blood vessels

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Q: What are the ailments of the blood vesseles?
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What are vesseles?

a tube in you body that Carry's blood

Which are smallest blood vesseles in the body?


What is the ten part of the heart?

blood vesseles

What do your blood vesseles do when your body temperature rises rises?

The blood vessels dilate.

What is dropped off at the lungs by the blood vesseles?

CO2, Carbon Dioxide.

Diagnostic procedure that images the structures of the blood vesseles and flow of blood through these vessels is known as?

duplex ultrasound

What causes a bruise?

It is caused by a bunch of broken blood vesseles, causing the color of a bruise to change.

What are the ailments of blood?

sun cellular

What is the biggest vessels in the body?

The largest vesseles in the body are arteries. Thay carry blood from the heart to other parts of the body.

Are there blood vesseles in the circulatory system?

Yes there are ...your blood vessels are wrapped around your lungs so that when ou breath in the blood picks up the oxygen and then delivers it to every part of the body

What common ailments of blood vessels?


What is the ailments affect the blood?

some are venom