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When you live with your partner, you will get the chance to know them in a more intimate way. All of their small quirks are exposed and you can decide if you want to live with them on a long term basis. There are the normal advantages of having a partner around to help out with the errands or meals if they so choose. The disadvantages occur due to there being no more secrets of how it would be to live with them.


For me it is totally wrong in getting involved in that kind of relationship..... cause practically speaking it is 20% effective to build a stable life with tour partner..... faith is not in your hands..... and only faith can decide when challenges will unravel your partner's attitude.... faith is unpredictable that it could occur after you split up with your partner or after you got married..... and live-in is a word of cowardice; escaping problems that makes a human whole, hence only "non-human" engage themselves to this kind of relationship........."human is sacred" sorry to those who don't belong....

A huge waste of time......... and a huge pack of sin...... wanted to be wise ???

Then think carefully.... aside from not being blessed, you are cursed....!!!! scary......

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Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of a live-in partner?
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