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its your bitter taste buds

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Q: What are the Small balls on the back of tongue?
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If you have 2 small balls that feel like bones under your tongue what are they?

if you have 2 balls under your tongue what are they?

What are two small bumps on the back of the tongue in the tonsil area?

The two small bumps at the back of the mouth in the tonsil area are called hamulii. They are not actually on the tongue, they are located in the corners of the soft palate.

What are two functions of the tongue during eating process?

during eating the tongue is important because it:1 create saliva which break down food into small pieces2 the help to role the food into small balls call bolus

Is it normal to have small red bumps with white stuff on it on the back of tongue?

yes it normal

What does a musket fire?

A musket fires small metal balls (back then made of lead) called musket balls (simple enough:)

You can eat a cows tongue what other parts of the body can you eat?

The burger (or balls) The burger (or balls)

Why does your dog put his balls in your mouth while you sleep?

Because he enjoys the feeling of your tongue on his balls.

When one of the balls is pulled back and released on one side one ball on the opposite sides moves what would happen if two balls were pulled back and released?

ive tried that, and the both the balls will have a small dribble, for a second, then it will stop.

Can the epiglottis be seen if you stick your tongue out?

The epiglottis is a small flap of soft tissue that is found at the back of the throat. In some people, the epiglottis can be seen if they stick their tongue out.

How should you rub your boyfriends balls?

with the tongue i always think

What can you do to keep your tongue piercing on without one of the little balls?

If you're missing one of the balls, put the ring in so that the only ball is under your tongue. This will keep it from being pushed out.

Big balls under your tongue?

Pull them out and tell him to keep them in his pants!