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Q: What are the Short term effects of not enough iron on the body?
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Why do you need iron supplement if your body can recycle iron?

A person might be taking an iron supplement if they are not getting enough iron in their normal diet, for example a vegetarian. The other reason could be that the body isn't quite good enough at recycling anyway; naturally, some iron will get lost and will have to be replaced.

Why does weakness result from diet lacking iron?

Iron deficiency in the body causes anemia. Weakness or fatigue results from the lack of iron because the body does not get enough oxygen-rich blood.

Why is it important to get enough iron?

because iron keeps the body healthy. it provides you with energy and keeps you from being weak.

What is the name of the disease when one lacks iron in the body?

If you get enough iron in your diet but your body will not absorb it, is from the intestinal disease that is called Crohn's disease or celiac disease.

What happens to your heath when you do not have enough iron in your body?

Iron is needed for the body's synthesis of hemoglobin molecules (as it is the central element in the Hgb molecule). In states of iron deficiency, not enough hemoglobin can be formed and iron-deficiency anemia develops. This results in reduced oxygen carrying capacity and subjective feelings of weakness and fatigue.If your body doesn't get enough iron it can start to shut down, but sometimes it will slowly help your body gain muscle.

What is the disease is called when your body does not get enough rich iron?

Anemia may be the culprit.

What happens when the body gets enough iron?

u r stronger and healthyer

What would be the effects of not eating enough iron?

Anemia - low blood counts. Also hair loss and fatigue.

What diseases will you get if you did not have any iron in your body?

If you do not have any iron in your body you would very likely be dead. The most common disease or condition that people get from not having enough iron is anemia. That is where your blood does not have enough healthy red blood cells to carry enough oxygen for your body to use. You can get very pale and dizzy. And, in extreme situation it can even cause death, though you would have a lot of other health problems before that happens.

How come people who don't have enough iron in their diet sometime cannot carry a normal amount of oxygen in their blood?

B/c the iron in the blood is what carries the oxygen around the body. With too little iron, not enough oxygen carriers.

What are the primary factors that brings about malnutrition?

Not eating enough of something your body needs, example iron.

What makes iron man sick in the movie?

In Iron Man 2, the core of the device in his heart is making him sick. He has to find a new element to reduce the effects of it on his body.