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Our teacher dicussed to us only 3 great relationships in Confucianism. Here are the 3 answers. Hope these will be a help to you.




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Confucianism is primarily concerned with the relationship of children to their parents, and of citizens to their society.

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oglum bak git

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Q: What are the 5 great relationships in Confucianism?
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What does Confucianism believe about family relationships?

between human beings

What does Confucianism and Christianity have in common?

Christianity and Confucianism have in common Great Wisdom and the best parables around.

What is the purpose of Confucianism?

The purpose of Confucianism would be uphold people's morals socially, politically and philosophically. Confucianism stresses filial piety (respecting ancestors), education (civil service exams) as well as relationships (towards elders, friends, siblings etc).

What are some historical traditions do the confucianism have?

Some historical traditions of Confucianism are still in practice today. The most common is the deviation from pleasure of the flesh and to submit more to a spiritual form of relationships.

What are some public behaviors condemned by Confucianism?

Confucianism condemns public boasting, favoring humility instead. It also condemns lying, cheating, deceiving others, and engaging in immoral sexual relationships.

What are some scriptures Confucianism use?

Some of the scriptures that Confucianism refers to include the Confucian classics such as the Analects, the Great Learning, the Doctrine of the Mean, and the Mencius. These texts contain teachings and conversations of Confucius and his disciples, emphasizing the importance of moral and ethical values, social harmony, and filial piety. The scriptures serve as a guide for ethical conduct, personal development, and cultivating virtuous relationships.

Fast facts about Confusianism?

Confucianism is more of a philosophy than a religion. In fact, it is NOT a religion. It was founded by Confucius, a Chinese philosopher around the 5th or 6th century BCE. There are about 5 million followers of Confucius today. Confucianism values education and personal relationships. The teachings of Confucius are found in a book called The Analects.

What principles guided the practice Confucianism?

The principles that guided the practice Confucianism are - right relationships produce social order - respect family and older generations - educate individuals and society - act in morally correct ways

What Is the basic belief about Confucianism?

the basic beliefs in Confucianism is one great god and the lord of heaven which the worshiped and also offered sacrifices...

What percent of the worlds population follow Confucianism?

there are 19% of people tht syudy confucionism

Who was the first great teacher of Confucianism?

Confusious; he made it up

What relationships was Confucianisms most based on?

There are five relationships that Confucianism designates as the way things should be done in social life. It is worth noting that the family is the central unit in Confucianism and 3/5 relationships deal with the family.father and son (loving / reverential)elder brother and younger brother (gentle / respectful)husband and wife (good / listening)older friend and younger friend (considerate / deferential)ruler and subject (benevolent / loyal)Of these, the relationship between father and son is the most important.