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1- Never try to change them

2- Never hurt them (especially on purpose)

3- Never try to avoid them or try to get away from them. (Enjoy the time you have with the one you love as much as you can) <3

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Q: What are the 3 things you would never do to the person you love?
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If you have only 24 hours in this world what would you do?

I would do all the things I love to do but never done!

How can you tell if a person really does love you?

You can't, love is something you have to share with each other, if a person loves you they love you, but they would have to tell you.. I myself have experienced that a person can love someone else and no one would ever know. I never knew he loved me because he never told me. With love you can never tell, and with people all being different it makes it that much harder to tell, just go with your gut.

How can the concept of love be related to the concept of power?

Love gives power to the person loved resulting in an empowerment of the other; Love causes a person to do things they otherwise would not do.

Clinical term to love someone you know you cant have?

Answer I don't know what the clinical term would be, if there is one, but people can't help who they fall in love with. If a person spends time around another person and falls in love, its one of those things that just happens. If that person realizes they can never be with that person then they should move on and they will eventually meet someone who will love them and want to be with them and they will forget about the one who didn't want them.

What will you say if your wai ting for someone to love you?

I would do my best to get that love obtained, I would NEVER try to force that person to love me, it would be pointless at that point. I would be there for her etc., and make sure she knows that I do like her.

Is it possible to be in love with someone one u never met in person or had a relationship with?

I guess, i mean it depends on the type of connection you would have with this person. but if you are in love with someone famous or something like that than it would be considered to really love them

What do you do if you love a girl but you never met them?

meet them? how could you love a person you have never met?

How do you know your still in love?

if you like to be with that person and you feel specials things when you are in love

How do you tell the difference between love and thinking you are in love?

well when your really in love you would do anything for your partner but when you would do only some things you just really like the person

Why would a girl cheat on her boyfriend who she loves again after her forgave her?

Simple. He may love her. but she doesn't love him. You can't be in love and cheat on that person. Being in love is also feeling pain for that significant other and would never or try to prevent causing pain for that person.

If you had never met your boyfriend how would your life be different?

Your life would maybe different because you would probably do things with this guy that you would not really do. You would probably love him more then any other guy and if you never met him then who would be the guy that you really love? lol &lt;3

Will i ever meet this person again if its true love?

Yes. If you really love this person, truly love this person, you will meet up again. You have to make the effort to do so if that is what you want. If you know that the other person loves you too I would not wait. Life is too short and you never know what can happen. If you feel it is true love, do everything possible to be with that person. Of course. If it is true love it will come back. Because love is not bad it dose not give hopes up. Love makes the world go round. Love will come back. It is the closest thing we have to magic. Never give up on love and it will never give up on you. Love, Skittlez4eva