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Q: What are the 3 befores for medication administration?
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Definition of administration of medication?

what covers medication administration in a residential care environment

Explain what intraocular routes of medication administration involve?

intraocular routes of medication administration involue

How to prepare for the administration of medication to individual?

you have prepare your resident for medication

What does the medical abbreviation MAR mean?

MAR in medical terms stands for Medication Administration Record

Is a double back the second medication that is infused through the primary iv administration?

No, a piggyback is a second medication that is infused through the primary IV administration set.

What is Mannitol medication administration?

to decrease the intracranial pressure

Why it is important to encourage and support medication self administration?

Why is it important to encourage and support self administration

Who ok's medication to be used on public?

Food and Drug Administration

What does BCMA stand for?

stands for Bar Code Medication Administration

What does MAR mean in the medical field?

Medication administration record

In what situations is parenteral administration used?

Parenteral administration is used when the patient is unable to take the drug orally, rapid action of medication is needed, and medication is ineffective in the gastrointestinal tract. Parenteral administration is also used to avoid the gastrointestinal tract and its first pass effect and to delivery medication to specific organs or tissues.

Identify some of the drawbacks when using a drug administration system?

if you do not familiarise the system of administration of medication within your organisation