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You could always say you ran through some brambles or barbed wire and there are some scar erasing products on the market, but a more important issue is WHY are your cutting yourself??? Are you inflicting injuries on yourself because you are crying out for attention, are you doing it because you enjoy the pain, are you doing it because you feel you deserve to be punished, or do you think the scars are cool??? There is no good reason for self mutilation, and I strongly suggest you talk to someone who can understand and who you can relate to.

You could try to cover it up by putting on a lot of sunscreen to try and blend it in.

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I self harm on my legs, too since arms are way too obvious. I do it so that it doesn't look like self harm marks, it can pass as scrapes. I will fall purposely and then cut later where I fell and say it was from the fall. But if you did it and it looks like self harm marks, just wear pants or you can wear foundation on your legs. it works.

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wear long trousers, tights or a long skirt. Most of these will hide your thighs.

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Q: What are some ways you can hide self harm cuts or scars on your thighs?
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How to hide self harm scars on your arm from your parents?

Cover it with lots of your skin color powder

Should cutters hide their old scars?

cutters who cut themselves just for attention usually DONT hide their scars. cutters who are TRUE cutters and have depression and anxiety problems will usually hide their scars because its not something there very proud of.

How does one get rid of liposuction scars?

There are a few ways to hide liposuction scars. You can apply cocoa butter to the scars and vitamin E as well to help the scars fade better. You can also use a make up cover up to hide your scars. It is recommended to seek advice from a cosmetic surgeon.

What are the signs of self harm?

Depressed mood, social withdrawl, unexplained cuts on the arm (although often times they do hide the area they self harm in) finding things like razor blades lying around their room...

How do you Hide cuts in the summer?


How to Remove white hair scars from horses?

You can't as they are scars (as you stated). However, for show purposes, there are sprays out there that can hide the coloring.

How can you hide self harm scars on your legs?

Depends For girls: At school or work where skinny jeans/trousers or thick tights/leggings. For boys: Where trousers. There are also products that reduce the noticeability of scars. Examples of these products are over-the-counter gels and creams, vitamin E oils, and cocoa butter.

How to hide self harm on hand?

put gauze around your hand or make up or f anyone asks just say you cleaned your razor the wrong way and got some cuts

How do you hide arm cuts?

Keep your arm covered.

How do you make cuts heal faster?

Apply gauze, if it is deep get butterfly strips to hold it together, if it is major go see a m.d. Holding it shut will stop bleeding, and it will heal, to hide the scar, once it is sealed, immediately buy lotion for fading scars.

Can i hide my cuts?

Hiding cuts depends on the length, depth and location of the cuts. Wearing clothing to cover the cuts as well as a make up concealer are both good options.

How do you hide your self harm scares from your boyfriend?

It would be wrong to do this. If you love him and he loves you you should not hide this sort of thing from him.