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Falling asleep is one of the classic difficulties about any motionless or stilling meditation. Being physically still helps to be mentally still. There is no one best way to cure it. Some masters recommend focusing on the fact that each breath may be your last, in other words, you never know when death may come. Really try to throw yourself mentally into your practice, whether it is counting the breath, focusing on a koan, or whatever particular practice you are using. The reality is that, if you were to attend a meditation retreat, you might find yourself seated motionless in silent formal meditation for 10 or more hours a day. There will be times when you will feel drowsy. There are both mental and physical tricks that may be used. Mentally, you may think of sleepiness as an enemy; be ever vigilant when it isn't present for it to appear and actively resolve in each moment to fight it when it does appear. Think of it as an obstacle and have fierce resolve with every breath to overcome it. Physically, keep consuming plenty of fluids like water and tea. Be certain to keep your back erect and not to slump. Ultimately, however, it simply takes persistent determination not to give in to temptation. How not to fall asleep when meditating? That is a good question. The journey is full of sleeping. If you have sufficient sleep, you may not fall asleep when meditating. If you lack sufficient sleep, you may fall asleep when meditating. Were I to say to you, "sit on the cushion and simply stop deciding," that may help you. Or not. This answer is different than the one above. These answers come to you from two different beings, both kind, neither worthy of any special merit, and this second answer is no better than the first, and possibly it is inferior, depending on where you are in your practice and your need for guidance. Just keep in mind that everything is for you to decide. There are no infallable masters who can know your way. All of us are lucky to know even our own way. Remember, in Zen, like in every journey traveled by many, there are many different ways of taking each step. It is your own personal responsibility in this seeking to find your own way in a world of many voices. Meditation is the way in the practice of Zen. Respect the practice with sufficient purpose to sit in the midst the fire that is yourself. Meditation practice is lived on and off the cushion. If you are serious about not falling asleep on the cushion, pay attention to the process of falling asleep on the cushion and off the cushion. Where does it begin? How does it proceed? And the important thing to notice, how is the process of falling asleep on the cushion the same as or different from the constant drifting of thoughts, drifting off into different, unintended thoughts even as you are trying with all your might to concentrate on your breathing? Who is falling asleep? Who is staying awake? If you could sit for days without falling asleep, would you be bringing wellness or harm to this being? What is the practice of love and kindness? The whole point of Zen study is to know yourself. To know yourself is to become enlightened. Learn to stay awake by being awake. Observe what's happening. Pay attention. Awaken into that composition of awareness that is radiantly alert. There you will realize why the journey's destination is often called "awakening." With love and kindness. ----

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construct a necklace from the thorns of the blackjack tree and wear it around your neck. this should keep you awake

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1. Slap yourself

2. Put your head in cold water

3. Drink energy drinks or coffee

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Q: What are some ways to not fall asleep?
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