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People express themselves by:speech,writing,singing,painting,drawing,dancing,playing music and playing sports.

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Q: What are some ways people express their feelings?
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What are some ways you could get your best friend to express there feelings to you?

Some of the best ways that you could get your best friend express feelings for you is by making them your center of attraction.

Why was impressionism created?

It was created to express yourself in your own ways such as your feelings and emotions.

How do you express anger?

Well, you can express anger in many ways. Some ways to express anger is physically fighting, yelling or screaming, crying, and physically breaking objects. People express their anger in many different ways, it depends on the respect you have for yourself and others.

What is the connection between art and philosophy?

Art is when you draw your feelings out in philosophy you write out your feelings both are great ways to to express yourself

What is your opinion on emos?

We express our feelings in certain ways most ppl wouldn't approve of. All of us isn't suicidal.. but we have our ow ways:)

Art always has a clear and defined message true or flase?

I would say false because there are many different ways to express your feelings in art, and they are not always recognized correctly by people.

How do people express their idntity?

People can express their identity in many ways: by the clothes they wear, by the friends they have, by their behavior and even by the choices they make.

Why do we send cards on Valentines's day?

Cards are simple ways to express you feelings. They also allow you to add a personal touch if you wish.

What are some ways to express creativity?

A few ways to express creativity are: Writing stories, write poems and songs, dance, paint how you feel or what you like, sketch, draw...Or even dress in a way to express who you are or what you like. Don't dress to scare people, but to show them "this is who I am." Hopefully this helps. :]

Why do people have festivals?

to celebrate and express their tradition or religion in there own ways

Why do people have festival?

to celebrate and express their tradition or religion in there own ways

Ways to tell how you feel?

Verbal - Nothing beats this way to show and express your true feelings. everything else, even across the NET can be misconstrued; however, if you express your true feelings for someone by speaking directly to that person, then there will be no mistake. That shows confidence and character on your part.

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