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Unhealthy nutrients are anything artificial, refined, or processed. These include but are not limited to trans fats, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, iodized salt, white flour, anything you cannot pronounce easily, and Aspartame. Some would also consider gluten and grains in general to be considered unhealthy, however this is debatable.

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Q: What are some unhealthy nutrients?
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What nutrients in corn are unhealthy?

None. It's the amount that is eaten that can be unhealthy.

Is salt unhealthy?

Not natural salt with essential nutrients in it, but regular white processed table salt is unhealthy.

When was unhealthy foods made?

There are many types of unhealthy foods. Most of them have developed over time to become what they are today, and most of them developed over different periods of time. There is no specific date of when unhealthy foods were declared unhealthy but people have made discoveries relating to the nutrients in food and how some foods are better than others since the 1700's

What are health hazards due to unhealthy eating habits?

Some health hazards can include weight gain, poor health - a person can be extremely tired or feel sick because he doesn't get enough nutrients from unhealthy food -, and sleep issues.

What are the nutrients found in staples food?

well there is some vitamin g which is good for the immune system, but a lot of it is secretly unhealthy crap, and p.s i work there so call 480-254-0690

Is seltzer unhealthy to drink?

The best way to answer this is with, maybe and maybe not. And then, it all depends on what you mean by healthy. It does not provide any nutrients so it does nothing to improve your health. The active ingredient is carbon dioxide and the only affect that will have is to potentially increase the alkalinity of your blood. Over a long time this can have some unhealthy effects.

List some unhealthy dietary practices common in Pakistan?

list some unhealthy dietary practises common in Pakistan

What are some common elements to a unhealthy relationship?

Bad communication, lack of trust, and disrespect are some elements to an unhealthy relationship

What are some of the effects of unhealthy lifestyle?

some of the effects of a unhealthy life style are ..problems with your eating habits,for example eating unhealthy food'sthe chances of getting sick more oftenbeing an example for your children ,if your kids see you eating unhealthy foods they would also want to eat unhealthy foodsbeing over weighthaving problems with heart and or lungs ?these are some problems in the unhealthy life style =( thanks

How is it possible to be malnourished with a belly full of food?

1. Eating one food with lack of nutrients 2. Eating unhealthy foods.

Which food stuff do not have nutrients?

Almost all foods have nutrients, even fattening foods like french fries have carbohydrates that your body needs for energy. But to much of that leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. So maintaining a balanced diet with the nutrients you need is the way to go.

What are some common warning signs of trouble in an unhealthy relationship?

If ur gut instinct is that it is unhealthy then it is. Get out of it before you get attached and hurt. Its usually not until after you are out of the unhealthy relationship that u realize it was infact unhealthy.