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a cup

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Q: What are some types of protective gear?
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Why do you wear protective gear when playing softball?

You wear protective gear so you dont get seriously injured

Is a treadle a piece of protective gear for horses?


Why could people not live on Mars without protective gear?

people will not be able to live on mars witout protective gear because it is to cold and there is a little bit air

Where can someone purchase paintball protective gear in Louisiana?

One can purchase paintball protective gear in Louisiana ON several different online websites such as; Paintballgear, badlandspaintball, and TACTICAL PAINT.

What is the first level in which you will don protective gear?


What did people in ancient Egypt use to hunt and farm?

The people in Egpt hunting on a farm and in the woods with a stick and some protective gear.

How long would a person survive in 137 degrees Celsius?

Without some heavy-duty protective gear, you don't have a chance.

What jobs require protective gear to be worn?

Many manual labour jobs require protective gear to be won in the interest of the workers safety. This can be in the form of items such as hard hats, steel cap toe shoes, these will protect form physical injury. Items such as high visibility gear are protective in the sense that allow them to be seen.

Who invented protective head gear for soccer players?

ya mam

Why do farmers use protective gear when using calcium hydroxide?

Because they do

Are airsoft gun wars safe?

Without protective gear, there is always the possibility of injury. Even with protective gear, there is a chance of injury. If you are shooting a gun of any kind, you should be wearing eye-protection.

How has protective gear in cricket changed?

Cricket protection gear has been made lighter and stronger via new technology.