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Some treatment options for forehead wrinkles include Botox Injections, Vitamin A Medications, Laser and other Surgical Procedures. You can learn more about Wrinkle Treatments online at the Mayo Clinic website.

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Q: What are some treatment options for forehead wrinkles?
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What treatment gives instantaneous results on wrinkles?

The following are some treatments that may give instantaneous results on wrinkles; The use of Derma Wand, applying Nutra-lift Instant Result Wrinkle Remover and 5 Minute Instant Wrinkle Treatment.

Does skin cream lotion cure wrinkles?

The success of skin cream lotions varies from person to person. Some individuals are more susceptible to the treatment and have greater success. It is also important to remember that success with creams can also be dependent on how much the wrinkles have advanced prior to treatment.

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include injections of filler materials under the skin to smooth wrinkles or injections of botulinum toxin to paralyze the facial muscles involved in frowning or brow wrinkling.

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