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Well before you do make sure your lips are moist you don't want them to be dry :)

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Q: What are some tips to meet someone?
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What would be a good reason to meet Justin Bieber?

A good reason to meet Justin Bieber would be to get some celebrity tips on singing. I sing and it would be wonderful if he could give me some tips.

What are some tips for making friends with Pierre in The Sims?

just meet them and talk to them alot

What tips can you give for one to style at home?

If someone wanted tips for styling their home there are a variety of tips that are available. Some of these tips are if someone is buying wood furniture, especially if they are antique, look beyond the outside of the piece.

Meaning of meet to and meet with?

Meet to means - Meet for some purposes meet with means - meet with someone or something! Hope this helps.......kosain

What are some email safety tips?

Don't open anything that is not from someone you know.

Is there a website to show me how to ask someone out?

Their are tons of websites out their that help someone out that is trying to prepare to make a huge impression on a pretty girl. Try dating sites with tips when trying to meet up.

10 tips of how to recognize someone stalking you?

The link below gives some information on this.

Where can someone find car insurance tips online?

Someone can find car insurance tips online at most insurance company websites. Some places include dgidirect, pcinsurance, belairdirect, and wellsfargo.

Where can I learn the basics of how to meet women?

Try . They usually always have some good tips on places and strategies used to meet women. They often post columns that will help you out if you are looking to meet a woman. This should give you some good ideas to use.

What are some tips for someone who has never studied?

that is very difficult u must try some thing else...

What are some business tips in the UK?

Some business tips in the UK are knowing what the culture is like so you don't offend someone, be polite, be approachable, dress appropriately and act professional.

What are some safety tips to keep in mind when meeting someone from Craigslist?

Some safety tips are be careful when you are giving out your information. Make sure your meeting place is a place where many people are.