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metal and water

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Q: What are some things that dont catch on fire?
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What are some of the things that can happen if the place catch fire?

your things you love the most can be damaged

What temperature will make things catch on fire?

When objects get hot enough they can catch on fire. Different objects will require different degrees of heat, and oxygen must be present to support a fire.

What can catch on fire?

almost anything some metals cant catch on fire...

Why does a car catch on fire by itself?

A car does not catch fire by itself. There must be some underlying reason for it.

What things would you say to convince some one to install a fire alarm?

i dont know yu tell mee

What is an example of a flammable?

flammable means it can catch on fire. some substances that can catch on fire are... wood cloth hair(yuck) carpet

Do falcons catch living things?

Yes, some catch small animals and some catch other birds.

Why you should worry about hardware?

that depends on how you worry. if you are worrying cause of the hardware is not the newest, then dont worry. else, might be fire or some thing in that direction.else hardware is as most things some thing that dont last forever

What are some fabrics that can catch fire fast?

u all are retards

How does a potato catch fire in a microwave?

The organisms in the potato is some time dry and since the potato is a root, they can be on fire.

What are some acronyms to for KPCOFGS?

Katniss Played Catch On Fire Gleaming Sparkly

What is an example of combustion?

Anything that can easily catch on fire is an example of combustibility. Some examples are setting fire to paper or creating a bonfire.