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The chiton is a sea creature, a sort of light armour-plated slug-like animal of the mollusk type which mainly inhabits the pacific coastal waters, but some species also live in the deeper parts of the pacific. There are well over 500 different species of this animal, making this answer a very general one. Chitons are known to carry other animals on their scaly backs. Anemones, corals and algae of many varieties throughout all the coastal and deeper zones of the ocean take advantage of the slow movement of this creature, making it a mobile home for many smaller attached stationary animals that need to move into and out of sunlight, away from strong currents and back into them, to take advantage of a variety of sources of floating foods. Perhaps the main advantage provided to the chiton by its mobile menagerie is the fact that it is in a limited way defended by some of them (anemones) and they also provide an additional layer of "armour" and disguise from predators.

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Q: What are some symbiotic relationships of Chitons?
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