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If his job isn't physical or doesnt work out, and his fore arms are muscular, and have popping out veins.

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Q: What are some signs that a boy plays with himself?
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What would a boy do to you if he plays with himself?

he would probably play with you too.

What are some obvious signs a boy likes you?

some signs are:he always hangs out with youhe always looks at you and blusheshe asks you if you have a bf (boy friend)he sometimes bumps into youYou seem his stare at youhe begins to open himself more to youcompliments you

What are some signs that a boy likes you but does not let you know?

He teases you.

What are some signs that you really like a boy?

Some signs that you like a boy are... 1. You think of them all the time. 2. You get nervous around him. 3. Your jelous of his girl friend. -AnswerMaster618-

What r some signs that a boy likes you?

some signs are that he preferes to talk to you instead of his friends now if you are like one of the guys then he probubly dosent like you like that

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If a boy wont to kiss you he well pull close and look in your eyes for a long time.

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Test him. First research signs a boy may like you then test some techniques out!

What are the signs of a boy when they like a boy?

He will be very sweet

Signs a boy thinks you are attractive?

A boy can give off many signs that he likes you. A boy can look at you, smile at you, tickle you or even talk to you in a certain way.

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Means nothing. All he knows it feels good. People do what feels good to them.

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