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You can ask him what is he thinking about? What did he dream last night? Because it helps you to get to know the real him, how he thinks and his interests and worries.

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Ask him what he sees in a girl, what hes thinking and how his day was...anything.

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Q: What are some questions to ask your boyfriend?
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What questions do you ask your boyfriend if you think he is cheating?

If you suspect your boyfriend is cheating, you might ask directly about any suspicious behavior you've noticed, express your concerns, and have an open and honest conversation about what's going on in your relationship. It's important to approach the situation calmly and respectfully, and to listen to his responses without jumping to conclusions.

What are good questions to ask your boyfriend in a Q?

"Does it annoy you when I ask you pointless questions?" would be favorite.

What are some questions a girl can ask her boyfriend just to show him that she cares?

you can ask him how he has been since the last time you saw him or how his family is

What are some questions that you should ask your boyfriend to see if he really wants to be with you?

ya but that would be stupid if u werent in a fight.

What should you do if your boyfriend wants to harm an ex boyfriend?

Questions you should ask is why does he want to harm your ex.

What kind of questions should be asked towards your boyfriend?

You could ask him questions such as: Does he love you? What does he think about you? What does he dream about?

What are some questions to ask about the Aurora?

some questions to ask about aurora are what is the reason for aurora

Which questions is not important to ask when reading a biography?

the answer is not to have a boyfriend ever haha just be careful out there.

How do you know if yurh boyfriend is cheating?

Never ask him just follow him and Ask questions But not misleading ones e.g do you love me

Why does my mom ask so many questions compared to when I was little?

because when you were younger you didn't have a boyfriend, and she didn't care if you did because if you did you were too young to know what to do with a boyfriend. Also if she asked you a lot of questions when you were younger you wouldn't have understood what she was talking. Now that you are older she can ask you questions and you will actually understand what she is talking about.

What kind of questions can you ask your friend?

do u like my boyfriend? are u jealous of me?

How do you cheat on your boyfriend and not get caught?

Ask your boyfriend. I'm sure he has some ideas.