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Do you have a sister ???

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Q: What are some question to ask your sister boyfriend when you meet him?
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How do you get your boyfriend to talk to you in person?

go on a date meet up some where.!

Do you really have a sister?

Some of us do and some have bros this is a random question

How do you go on a date with your boyfriend without your parents knowing?

Tell your parents you're going to the mall to chill with some of your girlfriends and just meet up with your boyfriend at the mall.

What are some signs your boyfriend is sleeping with your sister?

your sister will definitely show some sign like odd behavior if she's with you and your BF you will notice it like eye contact between her and your BF et cetra

Is Harry Styles very protective of his sister?

I think yes. Since I saw some things on Twitter that he does not likes her boyfriend.

Will you get a boyfriend some day?

the question makes no sense it say's "Will you" so who you asking this too...

What does it mean when your boyfriend cheats on you with your mum?

Assuming the question refers to a DREAM of your boyfriend cheating on you with your mum, it means that you have some very serious doubts about this boyfriend. At the very least, it means that at some level of your mind you realize that your boyfriend may be more interested in your mother than he is in you.

What was some of Maya Angelou's struggles?

she was abused by her mother's boyfriend and she became mute and did not talk for four years when she lived with her grand mother she meet Ms Flowers and she helped her find her voice again i hope this answered a little part of your question.

Will my sister get a boyfriend?

if she is sweet and nice and she meets a guy that likes her than yes she will. I could say some mean things about your sister, but if she wants a boyfriend and hasn't already, (depending on how old she is) either her standards are too high, or she's mean to guys. In that case, tell her to change.

How come everyone cant get a boyfriend but me?

have you ever tried to date some one or do you just waite

If you have a boyfriend in another country then recently you meet some other guy who also has a wonderful personality and you fall in love with each other what do you do?

you just tell your boyfriend that you have fallen in love with someone else

Your boyfriend and you have known each other for 3 months but your sister broke you up through a text and we haven't spoken to each other in 2 months. What should I do?

Some sister you have! You didn't say if she said something just to split you up or stole your boyfriend. Nip this in the bud and blast the thong off her! If she pretended to be you or caused other problems then either you never took the time to communicate what your sister did to him or he won't speak to you. If he loves you then call him and try to meet with him. Don't spare your sister's feelings on this one! She deserves what she gets. If at all possible she should come clean and try to patch things up between you and your ex boyfriend. If she's just one of this girls that wants to see if she can win over YOUR boyfriends and did, then he's not worth it!