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I don't

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Q: What are some of the risks of not being active?
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What are some risks in being a marine biologists?


What are three possible risks of being sexually active?

1.Unwanted Pregnancy 2.S.T.D's 3.Losing the ability to bond.

What are some health risks of being overweight?

The two biggest risks are diabetes and heart disease. There are other risks that may not be as readily apparent and one of them would be depression.

What are some examples of uninsurable risks?

Not being smart. Having no friends. Being a plug. Having a small wiener.

If i am sexually active alot and on birth control what are the risks of me being pregnant?

You really should read the packet or consult a doctor to know the chances of getting pregnant while on it.

What are some of the risks involved with being an animal trainer?

you have to risk some times your life with a wild animals pet are ok to have.

What were some of the risks JFK took?

Yes- he seemed to like taking risks -- the risk of war with Russia and the risk of jeopardizing his marriage with his sexual exploits.

What are some of the health risks of being hyopglycemic?

There are numerous health risks involved with someone that is hypoglycemic. One of the major health risks is that low blood sugar can cause organs to malfunction, which can result in a coma, loss of consciousness, or even death.

What are the risks in wildlife photography?

One of the main risks is being attacked by wild animals.

Are there risks with being on Twitter?

There are privacy risks with using any social network site. You can reduce these risks on Twitter by protecting your tweets.

What are the risks involved in lasik eye surgery?

Some of the risks include your vision being over-corrected or under-corrected. You also still might need to wear eyeglasses or contacts after the procedure.

The risks which the bank faces and the regulatory framework that is in place for minmizing these risks?

being robed bypeolpe