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Some of the causes for hypopnea are obesity, smoking, and alcohol abuse. All of these causes can be regulated and controlled by the person. The solutions to these problems are to lower your calorie intake, quit smoking, and quit drinking.

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Central obesity, thick neck (anatomically), and several more.

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Q: What are some of the causes for hypopnea?
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No, they are different. Bradypnea occurs if a patient's respirations slow from their normal rate. Hypopnea occurs when the depth of respiration changes from their norm. The definitions are listed below.Bradypnea: Abnormal slowness of respiration.Hypoventilation: Abnormally slow and shallow respiration, resulting in an increased level of carbon dioxide in the blood.Hypopnea: Literally, underbreathing. Breathing that is shallower or slower than normal.Apnea: no respirations.

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Hypopnea is the term for a combination of both slow and shallow breathing. Bradypnea means abnormally slow breathing.Hypopnea. shallow or slow resperation.(high-poh-NEE-ah)hypo- means decreased , and -pnea means breathing

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