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Some benefits of Horizon BCBS health insurance include a free one month membership to the YMCA, discounts on health services and drugs and more. You can learn more about Horizon BCBS at the Horizon Blue website.

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Q: What are some of the benefits of Horizon BCBS health insurance?
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Who is the health Insurance carrier for United Airlines?

BCBS of Illinois is the Health provider.

What does BCBS stand for in 'Anthem BCBS'?

BCBS stands for Blue Cross Blue Shield which is an American health insurance brand. It is one of the most famous and recognized brands and is made up several different health insurance organizations.

What are the different types of BCBS health insurance policies?

To find the different types of BCBS health insurance policies offered by BCBS, contact the company by visiting their site. The site provides you with contact info, cell phone numbers, and information. It also tells one of the many health insurance policies offered by the company.

What services does the BCBS of NC provide?

BCBS of NC provided Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurance to the state of North Carolina. They are a company that assesses your current health, and provides insurance rates based on your results.

What type of organization is Carefirst BCBS?

The organization Carefirst BCBS is an American health insurance company that was founded in 1929 in Michigan, USA. BCBS stands for Blue Cross Blue Shield.

What companies provide health insurance to state employees in Illinois?

A couple of the companies that provide health insurance to state employees are BlurCross BlueShield: BCBS HMO Illinois and BCBS Blue Advantage. Healthlink and Personla Care are two other companies that will be getting contracts.

What does the abbreviation BCBS of TN stand for?

BCBS of TN stands for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee. The company provides medical insurance coverage including individual health plans and consumer directed health care.

Is cataract surgery covered under Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Each insurance plan is different. And there are many, many plans within BCBS. If you are covered by your employer with BCBS, the benefits and exclusions are decided upon by your provider. Before you make any decisions about your healthcare, you need to go straight to the horse's mouth. If you are already covered by BCBS, call the Member Services line on the back of your card. They can tell you if a certain diagnosis is covered or not. You should have received a benefits booklet at the time you signed up for the health insurance that also explains all the covered benefits and those that are excluded. If you are just shopping for individual insurance, BCBS will determine if you are eligible for any particular procedure, or if you have already had several large claims for a certain illness, they may add a "rider" to your policy that says they won't pay for that particular diagnosis for a certain length of time, if ever. Group health insurance that is employer-provided is usually the most comprehensive.

Where can someone find quotes for Blue Cross Health Insurance?

One can find quotes for the Blue Cross Health insurance from the following sources: Simply Health, BCBS, eHealth Insurance, Blue Cross, Anthem, Use Blue, BCBSNC, AZ Blue, BCBSM.

What do health care insurers refer to as the blue cross and blue shield?

They don't "refer" to anything that way. Blue Cross and Blue Shield is an association of semi-independent insurance organizations. (For example, there's a BCBS of Illinois, BCBS of Texas, BCBS of Minnesota, etc.)

What are some reliable insurance companies in Michigan?

This depends on what you are looking to insure. If you are looking for the best health insurance in Michigan. Then this would be BCBS of MI rated number one in 2011.

Where can one find information on HMO insurance plans?

Information on HMO insurance plans can be found from many different resources. Some examples of online resources include eHealthInsurance, BCBS, and About - Health Insurance.

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