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Abolitionists, Angelina Grimke and Sarah Grimke were two sisters in South Carolina who made history. They dared to speak before mixed crowds of men and women, published some of the most powerful anti-slavery tracts of the antebellum era, and became the first women to testify before a state legislature on the question of African American rights.

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Q: What are some of the Grimke sister's accomplishments?
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Who are the grimke sisters?

The Grimke sisters were abolitionists and champions of women's rights. Sarah Moore Grimke was born in 1792, and her sister Angelina Emily Grimke was born in 1805.

Why were the grimke sisters important?

they abolished slavery

How did the grimke sisters receive their family inheritance and what did they do with it?

The grimke persuaded their mother to give them their share of the family inheritance.

How do the grimke sisters look like?

ugly and wierd

Who were some people that were for the women suffrage?

-Lucy Stone -Grimke Sisters -Sojourner Truth There are more but that's all i can think of.... :)

Was the Grimke sisters father a slave owner?

yes their father was a slaveowner

What accomplishments did the grimke sisters make?

were among the first women in the United States to publicly argue for the abolition of slavery. in 1836, Angelina wrote an article urging all women to actively work to free black slaves.

What two women spoke up for women's rights and were against slavery at the World Anti-Slavery Convention?

The grimke sisters ( Sarah and Angelina Grimke)

Where the Grimke sisters father a slaveowner?

their father was a slave owner but they were very upset about it

What was the Grimke sisters were from South Carolina and daughters of a southern slaveholder?

Female Abolishonists

What did the Grimke sisters do with their slaves?

The Grimke sisters, Angelina and Sarah Grimke, were raised in a slave-owning family in South Carolina but later became abolitionists. They gave their inherited slaves freedom and left the South to join the abolitionist movement in the North. They actively worked to end slavery and fought for women's rights.

Where did Grimke sisters live?

The Grimke sisters, Sarah and Angelina, lived in Charleston, South Carolina, during their early years. Later in life, they settled in the North, with Sarah residing in New York City and Angelina in Massachusetts.