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Sewer Rats


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Q: What are some insults used towards surenos?
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Candidates used insults to try and ruin their opponents reputation?

This is called mudslinging.

What is a Matthew Danner?

A Matthew Danner is a verb that can be used to describe dust. It is one of the highest of insults.

Who are the howe park surenos?

I'm gonna put it like this, ANY gang with the number 13 at the end of their gang is under the Mexican Mafia, the number 13 is used cause it's the 13th letter of the alphabet and the letter M represents Mexican Mafia............. *Surenos colors are brown and white

What do tattoo dots on knuckles mean?

its some sort of gang sign used by the Mexican mafia, aryan brotherhood, surenos, etc. I understand that it is usually in prison inmates meaning all coppers/screws are bastards a dot for each word

When a speaker insults his or her opponent personally rather than focusing on the argument what type of fallacy is being used?

Straw man

The tactic used where candidates used insults to try and ruin their opponents reputation?

slander, which is lying about the opponent, also called political mudslingingpropaganda is to speak unfavorably and biasedly about someone

Who are the the allies of the surenos?

They don't have much allies these days The 18th Street Gang used to be allies until they decided to stop paying taxes to the Mexican Mafia, same goes for the Mara Salvatrucha gang. The only allies Surenos have are the racist white supremeist gangs like "Skinheads" and "Nazis", although they have alliances with an Armenian Gang called "Armenian Power"

Is it toward or towards?

Both "toward" and "towards" are acceptable in a sentence. They both have the same meaning and are both used depending on personal preference. Towards has been used more often by the British though.

What does 'Sureno 13' mean?

Sureno is a Spanish word which when translated to English means Southerner. Surenos are a mostly Hispanic(more specifically Mexican but not exclusevly) gang that started in Southern California. Surenos are under the control of the Mexican Mafia along with other gangs such as the Eighteen Street Gang & MS-13.*Surenos use the number 13 cause the letter M is the 13th letter of the alphabet and the M represents Mexican Mafia.*Surenos biggest rivals are gangs under the Blood Alliance such as:Bloods, Pirus & Nortenos just to name a few.*Surenos are identified by the colors brown & white NOT blue.*Surenos are allies of the Crips gangSureno is a Spanish word which in english translates to southsider. Surenos are a mostly but not exclusevly Hispanic gang more specifically most members are Mexican. The number ''13'' represents the Mexican Mafia(which Surenos are under) cause the letter ''M'' is the 13th letter of the alphabet. Gangs that are under control of the Mexican Mafia include:Surenos, Eighteen Street Gang, Ms-13 just to name a few. Their main rivals are gangs under the Blood Alliance which include:Bloods, Pirus, Brims & Nortenos. Norteno is a spanish word which in english translates to northsider, they are a mostly Mexican(but any race can join) set that works under the Blood Alliance, Nortenos used to be under the Nuestra Familia(Our Family in english) until they went defunct & decided to join up with the Bloods since they shared common enemies anyways.*Surenos don't really wear any colors they sport tatts to show their gang affiliation.*Their allies are the Crips gang & Gangs under the Folk Nation EX:Gangster Disciples Nation, La Raza Nation, Imperial Gangsters Nation, Etc.

What are some igbo insults?

Ewu means goat and it's pronounced -a/woo- and then there's "ntho" and "mme" (i'm not sure of the spelling) but it means F--k you and curse you. And they are normally used together, they're pronounced Uhn-thaw-Gi and mhmm-Meh-Gi

Do Applebees coupons work for drinks?

No they do not give coupons that can be used towards drinks. The reason is it usually involves alcohol and some states forbid it.

What does nortputo nortenos mean?

Nortenos are a mostly(but not all) Hispanic gang that's under the Blood Alliance which is why they wear red to show their affiliation. Other gangs under the Blood Alliance includ the:Bloods, Pirus, Black P. Stones & Brims to name a few. *Norputo is a deragatory term used by Surenos which are Nortenos biggest rivals along with Crips. *Nortenos use the deragatory term surrat for Surenos