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* Do you enjoy cooperating with other people or are you more independent (team sports versus individual ones)? * How much time are you willing to put aside for your sport? Would you be able to attend all practises and games? Can you get time to play or be involved? * How committed/serious are you about playing - social just for the friends and exercise, or competitive for the trophies and glory? * Can you afford the necessary equipment? For example, swimming may cost $1 a day and is cheap where football requires specific footwear and costs more, but those like hockey may need some fairly expensive equipment (hundreds of dollars). * Do you have a body that could be helpful with a particular sport? E.g. taller people are better at Basketball, those with heavy builds are more suited for contact sports, while those with long legs and arms might be good at swimming * Do you think the sport is fun at all? Will you enjoy it or not?

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Q: What are some guidelines for choosing sports?
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