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Have a sweet relationship, dont come on to strong with him otherwise he may stop likeing you! be funny and smile LOADS~!!!!!!!!!!!! :) x

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Q: What are some good quotes about being happy with your boyfriend.?
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My boyfriend says i am a bad girlfriend how do i make him happy and be a good girlfriend?

If your boyfriend doesn't like being in your company, showering you with love and respect, it is pointless to try and convince him other wise.

To be a good boyfriend?

I think a good boyfriend are the ones who care! so caring && honesty are the keys in being a good boyfriend!

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Learn how to communicate in English more good, then make him a sandwhich

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Yes and it is a perfectly normal reaction to be jealous. This is a good sign; it means that your boyfriend is good looking to not only you but your friend. The most important thing is that he is yours, you have him and she doesn't so be happy that your boyfriend is fanciable.

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Tell him it'll make you happy. Don't threaten to leave him, just say that you would be really happy if he did that. If he truly cares about you, he'll do that. (Starting to wear boxers takes zero effort anyways). If he doesn't do it, you shouldn't even bother being with him.

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I would say it is. i wish i was happy!