What are some good germs?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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There are some good germ for u but not sick germ at all

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Q: What are some good germs?
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Does your tongue have more germs than your lips?

yes every part of your body has germs but some germs are good.

Does germs always make us sick?

no germs do not always make us sick some are good!

Do all germs cause disease?

No, there are many good germs that help your body stay intact. Good germs are killed by regular hand sanitizer, that is why I don't use it. some do some dont

How do the good germs in our body help fight the bad germs in our body?

Good germs, or beneficial bacteria, in our body compete with bad germs for resources and space to grow. They also stimulate our immune system to be more active, helping to fight off harmful pathogens. Additionally, some good germs produce substances that are toxic to bad germs, further aiding in their elimination.

Can germs have a good side?

Yes, they can kill other germs

Is germs germs go away is a good slogan for keeping germs away?

BANG. and the dirt is gone :)

What types of good germs are there?

Well, there are germs in your tummy/stomach/belly that break down food and bad germs to turn them into energy and harmless germs.

Does microorganisms mean the same as germs?

Yes, and so does "microbes", and microscopic organisms. Answer Usually the word germ carries a negative connotation (thus, usually the disease causing Pathogenic microorganisms are referred to as germs). remember, not all microorganisms are bad. In fact some are quite good. However, in some scientific circles, all microorganisms whether good or bad are germs.

What helps to to fight infections and get rid of germs?

Other "good" germs help fight infections.Antibiotics are used to get rid of "bad" germs.

What helps fight infection and get rid of germs?

Other "good" germs help fight infections.Antibiotics are used to get rid of "bad" germs.

Are there unharmful germs?

Yes, some germs help digest food.

Do we need germs?

yes and no. some germs could be bad to your health, for example, germs are the reason you get sick. but that is only a type of germ. there are germs every where! and not ALL of them are bad, some are bad, but not all. therefore, u should be careful with wat you tuch, but dont worry too much because not all germs are bad