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any heavy duty cleaning products around your home!!

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Q: What are some examples of toxic substances?
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What not to take at Romania airport?

Examples: explosives, toxic substances, radioactive substances, inflammable substances, any kind of weapons and ammunition (guns, knives etc.), liquids.

What filters toxic substances out of the blood?

The kidney filters all toxic substances out of the blood and the toxic substances, as well as some excess water, is turned into waste. (and i think you know what "waste" is)

What are some examples of hydrophilic substances?


What is poisonous substances produced by a pathogen?


What are the safety precautions for handling toxic substances?

The safety precautions for handling toxic substances depend on the nature of the particular substances being handled.

What are some substances that pollute water?

Polluting substances.... But in all seriousness, anything toxic and unedible would probably pollute your water.

Are bases toxic substances?

Usually they are toxic to humans and most animals. Bases can be paints, cleaners, bleaches, or other substances.

Give 5 examples of boidegradable substances?

some various biodegradable substances areCottonPaperWoodDead animals or plants

What are some examples of a substance that dissolves in water?

Salt and sugar are examples of substances that readily dissolve in water.

What is a brief description and example of Cytotoxic?

-substances that are toxic to cells -exampes: chemical substances, some types of venom (like from a puff adder or a brown recluse)

What is a forensic toxicoligist?

the studier of toxic substances

What do killer cells attack?

toxic substances