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Q: What are some environmental factors that can affect gene expression?
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What is an alarmone?

An alarmone is an intracellular signal molecule produced due to harsh environmental factors, serving to regulate the gene expression at transcription level.

What functional groups is capable of regulating gene expression?

Transcription factors can regulate gene expression

What is involved in regulating gene expression in prokaryotes but not in eukaryotes?

The regulation of gene expression allows prokaryotic cells, such as bacteria, to better respond to stimuli and to conserve energy and materials

What environmental factors could affect the genetic code?

Being exposed to environmental radiations and chemicals causes gene mutation. Viruses, transposons and errors that occur during meiosis (DNA replication) also affect the genetic code.

How does DNA packaging affect gene expression?

controlling access to DNA

What has the author Bart Deplancke written?

Bart Deplancke has written: 'Gene regulatory networks' -- subject(s): Laboratory Manuals, Gene expression, Gene Expression Regulation, Genetic regulation, Methode, Laboratory manuals, Gene Regulatory Networks, Netzwerk, Transcription Factors, Genregulation, Gene Expression

What can sometimes influence expression of genes?

Several factors determine the final outcome of gene expression. They include the cell's environment, the presence of other cells, and the timing of gene expression. hope this helped! -Steph

Can eukaryotic Cells control gene expression by using transcription factors?


What is the visible product of gene and the environments influences?

The old saying is that Phenotype = Genotype + Environmental Factors.

What is The expression of a gene is called?

The expression of a gene is called the phenotype.

Is excessive sweating caused by genes or environmental factors?

excessive sweating is basically controlled by a multifactorial gene (polygenic with environmental influence ) . ( shiza mumtaz )

Where we could get this lupus?

The cause of lupus is not fully understood. The develpment of lupus contains a genetice component, gene expression, and environmental triggers.