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Q: What are some environmental factors that can affect gene expression?
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What are some environmental factors that can influence gene expression?

some environmental factors that can influence gene expression some environmental factors that can influence gene expression are the temperature, nutrition, light, chemical, and infectious agents.

What factors affect gene expression?


What can regulate gene expression?

Transcription factors can regulate gene expression

What is the area of study that examines how environmental factors influence gene expression without changing the DNA?

its called epigenetics

What are two things that can affect the result of gene expression?

Several factors determine the final outcome of gene expression. They include the cell's environment, the presence of other cells, and the timing of gene expression. hope this helped! -Steph

What is an alarmone?

An alarmone is an intracellular signal molecule produced due to harsh environmental factors, serving to regulate the gene expression at transcription level.

Compare the prokaryotic operon with eukaryotic gene regulation?

Control of an prokaryotic operon is a type of gene regulation that enables organisms to regulate the expression of different genes depending on environmental factors.

How does the environment affect gene expression?

The expression of genes in an organism can be influenced by the environment, including the external world in which the organism is located or develops, as well as the organism's internal world, which includes such factors as its hormones and metabolism. One major internal environmental influence that affects gene expression is gender, as is the case with sex-influenced and sex-limited traits. Similarly, drugs, chemicals, temperature, and light are among the external environmental factors that can determine which genes are turned on and off, thereby influencing the way an organism develops and functions.

What mutation would not affect the expression of a gene?

The answer is easy.

Which is an example of environmental influence on gene expression?

the effect of light on chlorophyll production in plants

What environmental factors could affect the genetic code?

Being exposed to environmental radiations and chemicals causes gene mutation. Viruses, transposons and errors that occur during meiosis (DNA replication) also affect the genetic code.

How does DNA packaging affect gene expression?

controlling access to DNA

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