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Some common health problems in Doberman are dilated cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia, and cervical vertebral instability. These dogs have an average life span of 11 years.

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As with many breeds of pedigree dogs, greyhounds are subject to genetic disease. Illnesses can include: esophageal achalasia, bloat, osteosarcoma, skin sores and liver problems.

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Q: What are some common health problems in Doberman breed dogs?
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What kind of health problems can the leonberger breed of dog suffer from?

There are many health problems that the leonberger breed of dog can suffer from. The leonberger breed of dog can suffer from health problems such as eye diseases, cancer, and neurological diseases.

Are Boston terriers a healthy breed?

Some health problems that Boston Terriers are prone to include breathing problems, eyes problems and heat strokes, but it is possible to get a health breed.

What breed has gray and blue?


What breed of watchdog should you get?


In what country was the Doberman pinscher developed?

The Doberman Pinscher is a German breed and was first bred by Louis Dobermann (hence the breed's name).

What is more loyal pit bull or Doberman?

Loyalty is measured by breeds. Dogs have something in common no what breed they are. That is loyalty. Dobermann would die for you

Who named dobermans dobermans?

The Doberman is named, after the person named Karl Louis Doberman who is credited with developing the breed.

How did Doberman pinshers get their name?

The Doberman Pinscher was named after the breed founder, Louis Dobermann. The word ''Pinscher'' was added as it is German for Terrier. However, as the Doberman Pinscher is not actually a Terrier, the word ''Pinscher'' has been dropped from the name in the UK and is called the ''Dobermann'' instead. In other countries the name has stayed as ''Doberman Pinscher'' although the breed has very little Terrier blood and is not classed in the Terrier breed Group.

Is there such thing as a mini Doberman?

NO THERE IS NOT! There are Doberman Pinschers and then there are Miniature Pinschers. They both have the same markings and look very similar aside from the obvious size difference. However, they are not at all related. The Miniature Doberman originated in Germany and were a breed of Italian Greyhounds and Dachshunds. Also, Mini Pinschers originated much earlier than the Doberman. Calling the Min Pins "Miniature Dobermans" is a very common mistake. I have two Doberman Pinschers (:

What are some common health problems of the dogo argentino dog breed?

The most common health problem is deafness, in one or both ears. The second most common problem is hip dysplasia, where the hip socket is malformed and causes crippling lameness and arthritis in the dog's later years.

Are Doberman pinchers active?

VERY active! They are a highly energetic breed and require at least 45 minutes to an hour of exercise daily. These dogs are beyond energetic and the LAST thing you want is an overweight, sluggish Doberman. Also, keeping a Doberman in a small, confined place or indoors all day can lead to attitude problems and lack of obedience.

What is the best determined dog breed?

To me it would have to be the doberman or the bull terrier.