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give donations to the Salvation Army or the francis foundation and that can help to end world hunger

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Q: What are some charities that end hunger?
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What are some legitimate child charities?

Here are some of the legitimate child charities that you can work for and help: Human Rights, Child Protection, Cancer, AIDS, Youth Development and Hunger.

How do you solve world hunger?

While we all see celebraties, and charities sending food and stuff to countries that are affected by world hunger - a normal person can do this, completely free of charge! Just check out some lists of local charities.

What international charities specialize in helping children?

There are many international charities that specialize in helping children. Free the Children is one such charity that specializes in sustainable development in such countries as Ghana and Ecuador. Other popular international charities for children include Unicef and Childfund.

What are some good will charities?

Some good will charities include the Goodwill Organization, the I Have a Dream Foundation and the A Gift for Teaching organization. You can find a full listing of charities at the Charities Organization website.

How do you end hunger in America?

everyone needs to donate some food every day.

How does the training end in the hunger games?

The real Hunger Games!

What are the top ten slogans for world hunger?

if u want to end hunger, its better to end yourself..............undestand

What is the motto of Stop Hunger Now?

The motto of Stop Hunger Now is 'Working together to end hunger'.

How can you end hunger?

Forced sterilization.

What are some major charity organizations?

Some of the largest charities are United Way, Salvation Army, Catholic Charities and Feeding America. These charities provide food, money, toys and goods to the needy.

What are some good charities to donate to and why?

Charities are a scam to get people's money and buy new shoes!

Can GM Foods End World Hunger?

By themselves no, but they can be one of the methods to help reduce world hunger, and maybe eventually end it.