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Ask him if he could go out with any of your friends, which one would he go out with. It usually will stump him. If he doesn't answer, you can tell he doesn't want to upset you, but if he answers before you can finish the question, you got some problems.

Which part of my body should be improved?

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Have you ever had sex, how man guys have you had sex with.

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Q: What are some awkward questions to ask your girlfriend?
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What are some awkward questions to ask my mom?

Ask her about the "facts of life."

What are awkward questines to ask your girlfriend?

Questions about their ex-, asking them if they're pregnant, asking them if they're the one who forgot to flush the toilet.

Awkward questions to ask?

There are a lot of questions you can ask someone that would seem awkward. Asking someone why they look the way they do can be awkward and asking someone if they will lick the floor is awkward.

What to do if your crush has a fake girlfriend?

You could ask questions about the fake girlfriend to get some info or forget about he's not worth your time or effort if he has to make up a fake girlfriend.

What are some questions I can ask my girlfriend about sex?

Do you want it hard or soft, fast os slow,are you tight?

How I girl to know me better even though she's my girlfriend?

hang out with her more! one on one. go to dinner and talk about stuff. if that or talking on the phone is awkward, texting is great way to communicate. you can ask each other stuff and not have to respond right away and its not awkward. but ask her questions about herself and then answer them too. childhood stories are a fun conversation topic

Jake Silbermann girlfriend?

The best way is to ask him (though it might be a little awkward) but yes he does have a girlfriend. I know she's not "in the business" and he mentioned her in some interview and he brought her to the Emmy's and on other events so it is confirmed that he does have one!

How should you know if your girlfriend is a virgin?

Just ask her. If you are both comfortable with each other this question shouldn't be awkward.

What do you do if you like your best friend but you ask her a lot of questions about girls that are awkward?

Stop talking about awkward girls and just talk to her. Get to know her better, form a little relationship.

What questions do you ask to pursue a girl to be your girlfriend?

:o If you really care about her then tell her your feelings. You don't really have to ask any questions in my opinion.

A boy acts awkward around me and i think he likes me but he has a girlfriend and i like him. what do i do?

First stop making assumptions and ask him about it. But you should be aware that if he doesn’t have a problem leaving his girlfriend when that girlfriend is you it won’t make a difference

What questions can you ask your boyfriend when he is bored?

these are some questions you can ask your boyfriend when he is bored: you possessive and controle your girlfriend? you tell your girlfriend tell you who you can and cannot hang out with? you love your girlfriend? 4.does your girlfriend want to know where you are 24 hours a day? 5.does your girlfriend like your family and friends? 6.does your girlfriend tell you what clothes to wear to school or work? your friends think that we make a good cuple? your girlfriend physically abusive toward you?