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Children's social needs are placed easily into three main sections; to touch, to..... And two others that I seem to have forgotten

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Q: What are social needs for child?
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What is social needs for a child?

Is the need for companionship and friendship. This is usually gained from a peer group.

What rights does the father have when the mother signs the child over to social service?

Social Services tries to keep families together. If the father is a fit parent, has a relationship with the child, and can provide for the needs of the child, social services would work with the parents to keep the child with the father.

Does the social security go to a bank until the child is eighteen?

No. It should go to the caregiver of the child for the housing needs, food, care, school, etc., for the minor child.

How do social workers contribute to children's assessments of learning needs?

It depends on the school system. In some school systems, a social worker never takes part in a IEP. In those systems, a social worker is only in the picture when a child abuse report is turned in by the teacher/school and this only concerns the physical well being of the child and not academic needs. In other school systems, Licensed Clinical Social Workers work in schools, and they participate in creating IEPs & assessments. Their contributions include assessing a child's social needs and setting goals from that standpoint.

What are the physical needs for infancy 0-3 years?

the child needs food, clothes and shelter of a good quality. it needs, not only its physical but also, its intellectual emotional and social needs met.

What are the physical needs for infancy 0 3 years?

the child needs food, clothes and shelter of a good quality. it needs, not only its physical but also, its intellectual emotional and social needs met.

Does a parent on social security disability still have to pay child support payments even if that child is receiving benefits from social security?

The order needs to be modified to the amount already being received. see link

If you die is child support paid besides social security benefits?

If you die you cannot possibly pay child support. The custodial parent needs to apply for Survivor's Benefits through the Social Security Administration.

Why would department of social services want a birth parent to pay child support when they have had their child taken?

Because that child still needs support and the birth parent is the one who should pay it.

Is it true that the fields of social work practice are limited to the areas of mental health and child welfare?

the field of social work is only limited, by the individuals schooling. A clinical social worker may work with mentally challenged or child welfare cases, or the needs of everyday struggles

Do you need a social security number to file a deceased child on tax return?

Anyone claimed as a dependent needs to have an SS#.

How does gender age environment special needs and social cultural economical backgrounds affect the development of a child?

All of those factors do.